Company Overview
  CP Industries has and will continue to be a company capable of taking a project from concept to completion. With our 3D modeling software packages and dedicated CAD engineers, the design and development of your parts is quick and accurate. These CAD designs are then used in the rapid prototyping and pattern area of our plant to quickly deliver a pattern that is up to your exacting specifications. After the patterns are completed the parts are cast and machined in-house to help control the quality of the parts while keeping the price competitive.

  CP Industries in-house facilities include, design and development, rapid prototyping, patterns, core shop, foundry, and machine shop. It is by combining all of these areas of production that we are able to keep the quality high, the price reasonable, and see your project through from Concept to Completion.

CEO Message
   Very intricate castings. These three words do more than describe what we manufacture at CPI, they better define our company’s reason for being.  Anyone who has closely inspected a 2-stroke cylinder or a 4-stroke head can see what our plant was designed to produce. We have built our complete business out of necessity. When we first began to develop our designs for high performance 2-stroke cylinders we discovered our need for a pattern shop which had the ability to catch a potential problem before the tooling was in production on the plant floor. After several failed attempts to get what we wanted as a final product, we began at the start of the process, by starting our own pattern shop. This was the main reason for a High Performance Design & Development Company to make the leap into the Pattern Making Industry in 1981.

   We later found that simply because we could invision a process, and build the patterns to produce it, did not mean that other core shops, foundries, and machine shops could produce our visions.  We have now grown into a plant with Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and 3D modeling, capable of going from a concept or sample part to our CNC or conventional Pattern Department. Our in house Core Department was built for hard to get cores that we couldn’t get at other plants, (that’s why we started our own core shop, remember we are a Performance Shop!)  Our Core Department presently builds cores for other foundries ranging from Tulsa, OK to the Detroit, Michigan area.  We know what it is like to have a part that you can’t get built locally because we’ve been there, that’s why we ship cores to Michigan and they turn around to build parts that ship to England, because they can’t have them built locally. After opening our own Pattern and Core Shops while still using other foundries, we discovered that the foundry was the area that  now presented the problem. So like the true High Performance Shop that we are, we built our own foundry.

   So here we are in a new century, our products, which have won National Championship Events and Titles, are being used in a range of vehicles from motorcycles to sprint cars, from remote controlled airplanes to snowmobiles, from motorized skateboards to All Terrain Vehicles.  Remember we are a High Performance Shop at heart, we just, unfortunately,  don’t have time to go race anymore.  CPI doesn’t sell 2-stroke cylinders to the public now, even though we still build them, we don’t sell 4 valve heads for your small block Chevy, but we do build these parts for our customers and I am sure they would love to ship them right out.

   Some of our customers have asked us to include links to their own web pages, others have requested that we do not tell anyone that we are producing their parts, since their competition may get the idea that we may be able to complete the project that they have been having trouble with. In other words if the competition doesn’t use us now, don’t  give them any ideas.

   We do still build high performance castings, but we are now a Foundry which you can call on from “Concept to Completion” for non performance castings as well. No matter how hard we fight it, we have grown into an Aluminum Foundry for hard to get castings, and the high performance market does not have a lock on hard to build castings.

   If your local aluminum foundry can do your job they are your best course of  action. If, however you have been trying without success to get difficult castings made, or your scrap rates have gotten too high, then we may be the company you are looking for. If you have any questions about castings or products please feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to hear from you.

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