The Liger Family of Cats
posted on: 12/29/09 at 04:20PM

We are currently in the process of developing a new family of cylinders which is once again stretching the upper size limits. The "smallest" version of these cylinders will be a 94mm bore, with plans to go as large as 108mm bore when piston development catches up to that bore size. We are still in the development stage with the Liger Project, as we are seeing new markets arise for this cylinder. We have uploaded a few pictures of the proto-type cylinders for a few of the cylinder applications. One of the projects can be found under the CR500 section, another can be found in the CPI section as we have developed a Liger cylinder to fit the Caracal cases. We have a case reed model to fit the Artic Cat M1000, future models may include the Suzuki LT500, and the Kawasaki KX500. We will be doing extensive development for other engine applications as well.

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