Product Info
Part Number: CPI-W7254-115
Used on: Yamaha Banshee
Cylinder Design: Mono-block Twin
Bore: 72.0
Stroke: 54.0
Rod: 115.0
Displacement: 439.7234688
Number of Cylinders: 2
Piston Number: 10018M07200
Head Volume:
Wrist Pin Size 16.0
Base Gasket Thickness 0.02
CPI-W7254-115 description

Like the smaller bore Wampus Cylinder, the Super-Wampus line is intended for the Rider with "stock appearance" being a factor in your cylinder choice. The Wampus and Super-Wampus cylinders gets their name from the Cherokee Indian word meaning "Ghost Cat", which seems to fit this cylinder with a "stealthy" appearance, disguising the performance that lies within.


Port_layout_cpi-w7254-115_super-wampus_thumbnail Sideview_of_cpi-w7254-115_super-wampus_thumbnail Dscn1018_thumbnail Dscn1019_thumbnail Dscn1020_thumbnail Dscn1021_thumbnail Dscn1022_thumbnail Dscn1023_thumbnail Dscn1024_thumbnail Dscn1024_thumbnail Dscn1025_thumbnail Dscn1026_thumbnail Dscn1027_thumbnail Dscn1028_thumbnail Dscn1029_thumbnail Dscn1030_thumbnail Dscn1031_thumbnail
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