Product Info
Part Number: 6101-7176-1303
Used on: Honda TRX250R
Cylinder Design: Single
Bore: 71.0
Stroke: 76.0
Rod: 130.3
Displacement: 300.8993064
Number of Cylinders: 1
Piston Number: 10387M07100
Head Volume:
Wrist Pin Size 18.0
Base Gasket Thickness 0.02
6101-7176-1303 description

This 71mm bore Sphynx Cylinder is available for the TRX based machines, allowing it to be used when an "under 306cc" class limit is necessary. This engine kit can be used with a ""4mill"" stroke ""long rod"" crankshaft, although enlargement of the skirt area of your cases is required to accept the larger cylinder skirt on this model.


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