Product Info
Part Number: TLM-1
Used on: Drag Clutchs
Cylinder Design: Mattoon Style
Displacement: 0.0
Number of Cylinders:
Piston Number:
Head Volume:
Wrist Pin Size
Base Gasket Thickness
TLM-1 description

As a basic description of the Timeloc Delay System, on the higher hp engines we generally find the need to add more weight to the lockup arms to assure full clutch engagement at the high speed end of the track, but when we do that, the extra weight on the arms will also add clamping force to the clutch pack at initial engagement, creating a problem by not allowing the clutch to slip at the starting line. Since the most common lockups are driven from the inner hub, as soon as the clutch engages it spins the rear tires, which causes the input shaft to spin faster....which applies more pressure to the lockup arms....which applies more clamping force, spinning the tires even faster, we see this as "blowing the tires off of the bike". The main objective of the TimeLoc Delay System is to hydraulically "lock" the weighted arms in the un-clamped position for a period of time, until the bike has had enough time to begin the pass, and has gotten to a speed which will accept the additional clamping force of the weighted arms without spinning the rear tires. The "delay time" is adjustable by changing a jet, which allows the trapped fluid to escape the locking chamber at a different speed, giving us the ability to lock the clutch sooner with a large jet size, or delay the full engagement longer by using a smaller jet.


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