Product Info
Part Number: 1101-8564-1253
Used on: Yamaha Banshee
Cylinder Design: Mono-block Twin
Bore: 85.0
Stroke: 64.0
Rod: 125.3
Displacement: 726.33792
Number of Cylinders: 2
Piston Number: 675M08500
Head Volume: 0.0
Wrist Pin Size 18.0
Base Gasket Thickness 0.02
1101-8564-1253 description

This is one of our smaller Cheetah-DMX cylinders available. This cylinder has been built to allow mounting onto modified stock Banshee Cases, (when used in conjunction with our CA88610 case adapter plate kit). This combination allows the engine to be used where "modified stock cases" and a "10mill" stroke are the class specifications. As with our other Cheetah-DMX cylinders, this cylinder can be mounted onto Mattoon's billet cases. This will allow the engine to run in the non-spreadbore classes, where the 102mm center-to-center distance must be maintained.


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