Product Info
Part Number: 1101-8458-1253
Used on: Yamaha Banshee
Cylinder Design: Mono-block Twin
Bore: 84.0
Stroke: 58.0
Rod: 125.3
Displacement: 642.8467584
Number of Cylinders: 2
Piston Number: 675M08500
Head Volume: 0.0
Wrist Pin Size 18.0
Base Gasket Thickness 0.02
1101-8458-1253 description

This Cheetah-DMX cylinder is our newest addition to the Cheetah-DMX family. With the success of our 4mill DM kits we have had several requests to add a 4mill kit to the DMX line. As with the 7mill and 10mill kits, this cylinder can be adapted to modified Banshee cases, (with the addition of the CA88610 case adapter). As with the other DMX cylinders, this kit can also be used with the Mattoon manufactured cases, when stock cases are not used.


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