Product Info
Part Number: CPI-7264-115
Used on: Yamaha Banshee
Cylinder Design: Mono-block Twin
Bore: 72.0
Stroke: 64.0
Rod: 115.0
Displacement: 521.1537408
Number of Cylinders: 2
Piston Number: 10018M07200
Head Volume:
Wrist Pin Size 16.0
Base Gasket Thickness 0.032
CPI-7264-115 description

Our SuperCub cylinders use the performance proven Cheetah and Cub 11 port cylinder design. By building the SuperCub Cylinder to allow the use of up to a 72mm piston, we were able to "pack more punch" into the standard Cub outside appearance. While the larger skirt diameter keeps this cylinder from being a true "bolt on" kit, it is still a simple machining process to allow the larger bore to be used on your cases. By moving the head stud locations outward from the bore, we are able to gain more sealing area for the head o-ring, and keep it further away from the large bore piston.


Portmap_for_cpi-7264-115_supercub_thumbnail Sideview_of_cpi-7264-115_supercub_thumbnail
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