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Welcome to the home of CP Industries Inc. We are a performance oriented foundry located in the central United States that is capable of servicing many different types of customer needs. With our central location we see the benefit of winters that allow us to appreciate the winter sports but are not hindered by weather related shipping problems. We also enjoy summers that allow us to gain a wonderful understanding of the water sports industry, but our centralized location gives us the ability to get our customers parts to their door in a short amount of time, no matter where in America they may be located. So please, take the time to look around our site and learn of some of the advantages doing business with CP Industries can give you.

Latest News

New World Record set in the 0-425cc limited twin cylinder class with a Cub cylinder
posted on: 10/11/18 at 07:41PM

We want to congratulate Tre Allen on

New 0-400cc World Record
posted on: 10/10/11 at 10:22PM

Wanted to give out a big Congratulations to
Video from the K&T Camp
posted on: 12/21/10 at 04:28PM
While attending the Planet Sand West Coast Shootout in November of 2010, we noticed the Aero Motorsports crew filming much of the "goings on" in and around the K&T Performance Camp....The following
The Liger Family of Cats
posted on: 12/29/09 at 04:20PM
We are currently in the process of developing a new family of cylinders which is once again stretching the upper size limits. The "smallest" version of these cylinders will be a 94mm bore, with

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